+ the author rarely believes in typos.
+ the author is a current student of cmcl-c392 media genres: telly genres.
if that does not ring a bell to you, at least one of the following is likely to apply:

A – you are in the wrong class (blorg)

B – this weblorg is going to confound you further, either due to

  • the author’s awesome/obscure/post-modernist imagination,
  • the rarity of proper capitalization and punctuation,
  • the ‘improper’ use of what you think is your language from England and Scotland and France and Italy and Spain and German and,
  • the potentially excessive use of hyperbole and/or superlatives and/or 133t 5p34k (which may or may not reflect her level of nerd-ism),
  • the sporadic length of posts equivalent to a one-word Twit/Facebook status message or a >1000-word essay,
  • the level and amount of humor suggestive of elitism,
  • and the many self-references of ‘we’ instead of ‘i’

C – if you are lucky, all of the above elements may apply


the obligatory DISCLAIMER:

in order to retain a semblance of frankness and honesty for the creative progress of our educational pursuits, we reserve our self-proclaimed right to maintain a high level of anal-retentiveness (in which examples of abbreviations are ‘anal’ or ‘analism’) when it comes to asserting and editing our ideas in expressions–we presume–that would appeal to the ‘common sense’ of ‘most people’
in reference to our classmate David’s blorg title and in the name of free outspoken speech, we shall remain unapologetic to personal disagreements to any of our opinions
we resent to be viewed as opinionated, because there is an underrated difference between being ‘outspoken‘ and being ‘opinionated
should you have a valid case for us to take any post down, or just would like to share a private message or two with us, kindly establish this in the form of e-mail to, thank you :o)

because we are nice and respectful people like that.
and we help old ladies cross the road.

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